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1AquaDream Download 1AquaDream Screensaver


1AquaDream Download I fond of aquariums (I have 2) and I love computers. Once I was working on my PC for a long time. Then i was looking at my aquariums and I had slept. Then I appeared in my dream, where I was worked in the deap waters and fish swam and seaweed grew around me. Now you can see something that it looks like I saw before.

1AquaDream Download The first thing that you will notice is that these creatures seem alive. They are true 3D objects, and can bend, turn, and swim like real fish. If you have only seen programs which drag pictures of fish around the screen, you'll have the very pleasant surprise!

1AquaDream Download In the childhood many of us dreamt about aquariums. However, alive fish needs to take care of. Now it's possible to have fish at home without taking any care of it. The screen fish! It's as beautiful as the alive fish. It's colorful and bright. It's playful and quick. Watching it bungs joy and peaceful relaxation to mind. Besides you don't need any special place to keep them. They are at the same place any time, on your screen. You don't need to feed them just enjoy the view!

1AquaDream Download System recommendation: Pentium-2 800Mhz (or similar AMD / Intel / Cyrix), 64Mb Ram, GeForce2 32 Mb video card or above with installed latest drivers, sound card.


Download 1AquaDream Screensaver

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